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Finished consultations

Finished consultations

The table below shows the results of recent consultations. If you would like to know results earlier consultations contact communityengagement@wokingham.gov.uk.

Buildings of Traditional Local Character consultation

Service area
Planning and building control
Deadline date for responses
09 October 2017
Deadline time for responses
Details of consultation

We have a policy in our MDD Local Plan concerning locally important buildings, which are described as Buildings of Traditional Local Character. This policy, TB26, also covers locally important areas, which are described as Areas of Special Character.

Recently, a procedure to enable us to review, update or add buildings to this list has been adopted as a Supplementary Planning Document (SPD.) This procedure, along with the relevant policy wording for information can be found in our Buildings of Traditional Local Character - Policy and Procedures (PDF document.) Read the List of Buildings of Traditional Local Character (PDF document) in its current form. This highlights, in blue, 2 buildings which we feel should no longer appear on the list for the following reasons.

1. Shepperlands Farm, Park Lane, Finchampstead – this building has been ‘elevated’ to a statutory designation and is now listed by Historic England at Grade 2. The additional level of protection offered by statutory designation (listing) makes its inclusion in our local List unnecessary and potentially confusing. The new statutory list description can be found on the Historic England website.

2. 1 and 2 Model Farm Cottages, Bath Road, Sonning – this building has been demolished as part of the 2004 planning permission (F/2004/1609) to redevelop this site.

We therefore propose to remove these buildings from our local TB26 policy list.

Under the above ‘Procedure for Adding or Updating a Building on ‘The List’, at point 5, the Director of Environment together with the Executive Member for Planning and Regeneration has delegated responsibility for removing a building from the List. When considering whether to remove a building from the List, we will inform and consult with the owner of the building, Ward Member(s) and the Town/Parish Council. This website notice forms part of a wider 4 week public consultation, in line with the adopted procedure.

Have your say

Should you have any comments about the removal of these buildings from the List, we would be grateful to receive them. Email your comments to Giles Stephens at giles.stephens@wokingham.gov.uk

The consultation period will run for 4 weeks, from 11 September until  9 October 2017.

Consultation document (PDF document)
List of Buildings of Traditional Local Character - 34KB List of Buildings of Traditional Local Character
Consultation document (PDF document)
Buildings of Traditional Local Character - Policy and Procedures - 86KB Buildings of Traditional Local Character - Policy and Procedures
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