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Finished consultations

Finished consultations

The table below shows the results of recent consultations. If you would like to know results earlier consultations contact communityengagement@wokingham.gov.uk.

Sustainability Appraisal incorporating Strategic Environmental Assessment (SA/SEA) consultation

Service area
Planning and building control
Deadline date for responses
30 September 2016
Deadline time for responses
Details of consultation

About the consultation

This is the second formal consultation stage about seeking views on sustainability issues. The SA/SEA gives the opportunity to consider ways in which the plan can contribute to improvements in economic, social and environmental conditions and gives us the chance to mitigate against any adverse effects the Plan might have.

The SA/SEA takes each option for each policy area (where these have been derived) and in turn considers how the option performs against a range of environmental, social and economic objectives, which have been defined in the Council’s Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report.

The objective of the Sustainability Appraisal is to highlight what the likely effects of each option will be. This allows options to be compared to each other, and where they are proposed to be taken forward into policy, identifies mitigation measures that need to be taken to make sure that adverse effects are lessened or eliminated entirely.

How to respond

Read the SA/SEA document below and complete our online form.

Consultation document (PDF document)
SA incorporating SEA of Issues and Options Document for Planning Consultation - 424KB SA incorporating SEA of Issues and Options Document for Planning Consultation

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