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Current consultations

CurrentĀ consultations

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Notice of Publication of the Statement of Licensing Policy Principles under S.349 of The Gambling Ac

Service area
Business and licensing
Deadline date for responses
29 September 2021
Deadline time for responses
Details of consultation

Wokingham Borough Council, along with all other licensing authorities, is required to prepare, adopt and publish a "Statement of Principles” (SoP) setting out the Council's approach to applications under the Gambling Act 2005 (hereafter known as The Act) and the information it expects applicants to provide. The SoP guides the administration of licensing under The Act and helps to ensure that an appropriate balance is drawn between the interests of those wishing to provide and take part in legal gambling, and those who might be adversely affected by such activities.

Under the Act the Council is required to review its policy at least every three years or when the Council believes the policy requires updating. The current policy can be read here and is due to expire at the end of January 2022.


The revised draft statement for consultation was discussed at the Licensing and Appeals Committee on June 23 2021 and details are available here.


The revised document has been prepared is in accordance with guidance issued by the Gambling Commission, details of which are available on their website, Gamblingcommission.gov.uk

The Council now needs to consult with those bodies and/or persons that may be affected. While The Council will be writing to stakeholders members of the public are also able to comment on the draft policy statement should they wish to do so.

The full policy is detailed in the document which can be found here.


How to respond

 Should you wish to comment on the statement you could do so by:

Sending a letter with your comments to Moira Fraser, Licensing Team , Public Protection Partnership, Theale Library, Church Street, Theale, Berkshire, RG7 5BZ

Sending an e-mail to licensing@wokingham.gov.uk.   

 Reporting Back

 Any comments on the revised SoP will be brought to the 20 October 2021 Licensing and Appeals Committee meeting for discussion prior to the report being formally presented for adoption at the 18 November 2021 Council meeting.


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