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Current consultations

CurrentĀ consultations

Budget Engagement 2017

Deadline date for responses
30 December 2017
Deadline time for responses
Details of consultation

Wokingham Borough Council needs to make almost £21million in savings by 2020/21

Severe funding cuts from central government and an increase in demand for services such as adult social care means we are facing a challenging financial future. We need to hear your views to help face these challenges.

Our budget challenge

Wokingham Borough Council is working hard to become more efficient and focussed on providing services in a way that works for you. We are currently undergoing a restructure, known as the 21st Century Council Programme, which is designed to make it easier for you to contact us and for issues to be resolved.

These improvements and efficiencies have helped us save £4million per year without significant cuts to the services we provide. But, each year it gets harder to protect services as we receive less and less money from central government. 

One of the main sources for general (non-ringfenced) funding for most councils is the general Revenue Government Support grant. For Wokingham Borough Council this grant has been reducing rapidly and will, by 2019/20, have been cut completely.  This is unprecedented and is forcing us to look very carefully at all our expenditures. Furthermore, in 2019/20 we will potentially move to a negative of £7million, which means we will be paying money to other local authorities.  

We will continue to seek efficiencies and to secure grant funding for specific projects and will strive at all times to maintain or even improve services. In order to do this, we want a clearer understanding of your views and experiences, which is why we held this Budget Consultation. 


Consultation document (PDF document)
Consultation findings (PDF document)
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