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Current consultations

CurrentĀ consultations

Budget Consultation 2016

Service area
Deadline date for responses
11 November 2016
Deadline time for responses
Details of consultation

Five engagement sessions were held at venues across the borough (Twyford, Lower Earley, Wokingham, Finchampstead and Woodley). In addition officers attended the Wokingham Borough

Careers Fair in order to engage with younger residents, the Borough Parish Liaison Forum and the Black History Month Taster and Performance Evening. An online survey was open throughout the engagement period.

At the engagement sessions, attendees heard a presentation that set out:

• The borough council’s current financial position

• What savings have been made to date

• The borough council’s budget challenges in future years

• An introduction to the 21st Century Council project and work streams

Attendees were then asked to complete a Budget Principles Questionnaire and to take part in the Budget Priorities Activity, in which they had the opportunity to support just three out of eight budget priorities and to provide comments for their choices. Attendees could indicate they would support increased fees and charges and, if they did so, could support a fourth priority.

Attendance at the sessions was improved on last year but not to the extent that allows any clear conclusions to be drawn from the findings, which would be better treated as a guide to further consultation.

Consultation document (PDF document)
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