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Overview of major developments

Overview of major developments

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Housing and community development

We, like most of Southeast England, are experiencing a housing shortage.

Our vision for providing the majority of the needed housing, is through 4 strategic development locations

These major developments will accommodate a total of about 10,000 homes in carefully planned new or extended communities, by 2026. 

Local Plan Update

Work is currently underway on an updated local plan which will shape the future of Wokingham Borough. See our Local Plan Update page for more information or read our Common Concerns about the Local Plan Update (PDF document).

Get involved

Community forums have been created for each of the major development areas. They're your way to find out what is happening and to get involved. You can learn about the latest news and have your voice heard in key decisions.

Information about the community forums can be found on the webpages for each of the major developments: 

Wokingham Town Centre Regeneration

Read our regenerating Wokingham town centre page to find out how we are rejuvenating the town centre. 

Background documents

To find out more about our major developments email us at cem@wokingham.gov.uk.

To stay up to speed with the developments you can use our online form to sign up to our newsletters. You will also see other topics that may be of interest to you. 

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