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Supported Employment Service ability travel

Supported Employment Service - Ability Travel

At Optalis Supported Employment Service we are offering tailored, practical support to help you learn how to travel independently.

Through our training programme you will gain independence, freedom and confidence. We will work with you on a one to one basis and at your own pace. Our travel training usually takes about 6 weeks.

The programme will support you to:

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We will help you to use public transport and other types of travel such as:

  • Bus
  • Trains
  • Walking/cycling new routes

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We will write a training plan with you, taking into account suitable routes, risks and any previous training.

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We will support you in learn new skills:

  • Reading time tables
  • Building confidence to travel alone
  • Learning directions
  • Buying tickets
  • Applying for a bus pass

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During your training we will teach you about:

  • Personal safety and road safety
  • Problem solving
  • Your journey and alternative routes
  • What to do if things change (e.g. the bus is late)


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Over time, as your skills and confidence develop we will encourage you to complete more of your journey on your own, until you are travelling independently.

View our guide to how we will work and support you to achieve your individual travel goals (PDF document.)


For further information about our travel training programme including cost, eligibility and what happens once the training has been completed visit the Optalis frequently asked questions about travel training web page.

Read our Ability Travel leaflet (PDF document) for further information and our contact details.

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If you would like to get support with travel training please contact the Supported Employment Service:    

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