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Easy read guide to the Supported Employment Service

Easy read guide to the Supported Employment Service

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At the Supported Employment Service we can help you to look for and apply for a voluntary or paid job, or we can help you decide on the type of training you would like to do.
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We will ask you to come for an assessment where you can tell us about what you would like to do. We will ask you questions so that we get to know about you and the type of job you want.

You can tell us whether you want to do paid work, voluntary work or do a course.

We will make a list of other people who support you so that we can all work together.

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You will have meetings with an Employment Advisor who will help you make an Action Plan. This is a written plan that shows you how you are going to achieve your goal.

If you need extra support, you will be able to work with a Job Coach.

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Your Employment Advisor or Job Coach will help you to write your CV (a list of what you are good at and what jobs you have done before).  

They will help you look for jobs in the newspapers and on line. 

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You will also be able to come to our Job Clubs, where you will get advice on how to look for and apply for a job and what to do when you go for an interview. 

If you want to go to College or do a voluntary job, we will help with that too.

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We will continue to support you when you have a job.  We can help you talk to your employer if there are any problems and will make sure that you feel fully supported at all times.

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If you have a Job Coach, they will be able to work with you when you first start to do your job.  Once you feel that you can do your job by yourself, your Job Coach will keep in touch to make sure that everything is going well.

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Optalis Supported Employment Service offers travel training to their clients.

Help to use public transport and other types of travel

Your job coach will support you to use public transport and other types of travel such as:

  • Bus
  • Trains
  • Walking/cycling new routes

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Your job coach will also support you in learning new skills:

  • Reading time tables
  • Building confidence to travel alone
  • Learning directions
  • Buying tickets
  • Applying for a bus pass

The goal is for you to be able to travel alone.  This will allow you to:

  • Gain independence
  • Have more freedom
  • Feel confident
  • Be able to travel to interviews, work experience, volunteering job or a paid job

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