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Support for autism

Our autism support service

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Our autism support team, known as ASSIST, works with parents and practitioners to support children and young people across the autism spectrum.

We provide:    

  • Information and signposting to other services   
  • Support to families on issues and solutions within the home environment    
  • Support to schools on issues and solutions within the school environment
  • Support to leisure providers to include people with autism
  • Consultation support to professionals and practitioners to look at issues and solutions
  • A variety of workshops about autism that people with an interest in autism can attend
  • Parent programmes including the National Autistic Society EarlyBird and Healthy Minds programmes


You can contact the ASSIST team (Autism Spectrum Service for Information, Support and Training) by:

For further details on the service go to ASSIST directory listing.

About the courses

Parent programmes will help with understanding autism and share many ideas and solutions.  The programmes are also a source of support – many parents developing lasting friendships.  

  • The National Autistic Society EarlyBird programme (we meet across a school term) for families with a child with autism who is pre school age
  • The National Autistic Society EarlyBird Plus programme (we meet across a school term) for families with children between 4 and up to 9 years old
  • The National Autistic Society Healthy Minds programme (we meet for 6 sessions) for parents of a child or young person of primary school age and promotes good mental health
  • The Next Steps parent programme (we meet for 4 sessions) for parents of a young person from aged 9 to 18th birthday.


Am I eligible?

To be eligible to join your child must:

  • Have a diagnosis of autism
  • Be on the pathway to an autism assessment

How much does it cost?  

There is a small charge which covers the cost of materials.  However, we do not want anyone to not be able to attend the programme due to financial issues, and would ask that you discuss your concerns with a programme presenter.

How to join 

Contact us direct to see when the next programme is running:

ASSIST has regular opportunities for parents and carers to meet with each other for ideas, solutions and support. Come along to the ASSIST drop in sessions at Woodley Airfield Centre.

Email the team for the drop in dates:

ASSIST run autism specific workshops for parents, carers, practitioners and those with an interest in autism.

The workshops on offer are:

  • Autism awareness
  • Drawing whilst talking
  • Understanding and writing social/visual scripts to an advanced level
  • A positive, systematic approach to finding solutions - autism focused
  • How you can support children and young people with an autism spectrum condition to manage emotions
  • Understanding and supporting the visual environment for children on the autism spectrum
  • Sexual development and puberty
  • Understanding the impact of sensory needs
  • Supporting siblings

To find out the dates of the workshops email: assistworkshops@wokingham.gov.uk 

Find support groups and services

Read our who to contact for advice and guidance web page for information on local support groups, work shops for parents and leisure activities for children and young people.

You can also search the Local Offer directory to find further autism support services.

Advice and information on the education system

The autism education trust website provides information and advice for parents and carers on supporting their child to reach their full potential in the education system including advice on exclusion. The website also has an area for children and young people that offers information on a range of subjects.

Below are apps that help support children and young people with autism:    

For further information go to our apps and assistive technology web page. 

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