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Find short breaks and respite care

Find short breaks and respite care

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Search below for short break services

In the Borough and surrounding area there is a range of services that provide families with the opportunity to have a break from their caring responsibilities. These services are known as 'short breaks' and many charge a fee to use them.

If you receive a Direct Payment you can use this to pay for Short Break Services that meet the agreed outcomes for your child.  

Preferred Provider List

We've put together a list of preferred short breaks provider. This is a voluntary list and these providers have been vetted by us to ensure that they have experience in providing the service, with adequate staff, skills and knowledge. 

They are required to have specific insurances, as well as policies and procedures in place to guide the actions of the individuals involved in the service, such as safeguarding, safer recruitment and health and safety. The providers will undergo annual checks so that parents and carers can be assured that the provision is suitable to remain on the preferred providers list. 

You can view the preferred providers in our service directory.

Search for a short breaks service

Depending on the type of short breaks you are looking for will depend on which section below you look in.

Once you have completed a search, you can refine your results by using the filter menu on the left hand side of the screen.

If you are looking for childcare before and after school or during the school holidays go to our childcare search page where you will find out of school clubs, childminders and holiday schemes.

If you are looking for sporting activities, hobby clubs or social groups for your child to attend search our leisure and activities section.

For local events and activities in term time and during the school holidays, go to our Local Offer what’s on web page.

COVID-19 update

Go to our coronavirus information for parents and carers web page for an update on local leisure activities and support groups.

If you are looking to employ a personal assistant to help with the care needs of your child, you can find a list of agencies by going to the Local Offer directory.

Go to our short breaks web page to find information on recruiting a personal assistant

If your child turns 18 soon, you can find personal assistants for people aged 18 and over in our community services directory.

COVID-19 update

Read our guidance on the use of Personal Assistants, Direct Payment workers and agencies during COVID-19. Covering the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), practical considerations and other advice so that short breaks undertaken in this way can happen safely.

The Local Offer directory contains organisation that also provide services such as a sitting service, overnight care, one to one support, home base support and more.

Visit the Local Offer directory to find a list of these services.

If your child turns 18 soon, you can find adult short break services in our community services directory.

Some of our short breaks services for children and young people up to the age of 18 can only be accessed following a social care assessment. For information on the short breaks eligibility criteria and how to request an assessment go to our short breaks web page.

Search below to find Wokingham Borough Council short break services.


The inclusion of any company / society / group / person’s within the directory should not be used as a recommendation of that company / society / group / person’s name products and / or services.

We'd advise that before you use any service not provided by Wokingham Borough Council listed you follow the advice on  checks to make before using services.

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