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Tall Tales service for people with learning disabilities

Tall Tales service for people with learning disabilities

What is the Tall Tales service?

The Tall Tales service is now available to local organisations to provide bag books, which are multi-sensory story books for people with severe or profound learning disabilities. The Tall Tales service has been developed in partnership with the Wokingham Learning Disability Partnership Board. 

What are bag books?

Bag books are unique, hand-made multi-sensory resources aimed at developing communication skills for people with profound and multiple learning disabilities. They are designed for those who may find it difficult to access mainstream books, as they are told interactively through voice and emotion rather than words and pictures. They are also hugely beneficial to those with autistic spectrum disorders and visual and hearing impairments. Visit the Bag Books website for more details.

Books you can borrow 

The following stories are available to borrow

  • Aladdin
  • A Little Bit of Magic in the Playground
  • Andre’s Night Out
  • Anna’s Allotment Bake
  • Band Rehearsal
  • C. J. The Library Cat
  • Day at the Seaside
  • The Fairground
  • The Golden Book
  • Gran’s Visit
  • He’s a Winner at the Supermarket
  • Hook, Line and Sinker. Gone Fishing
  • The Haircut
  • The Hot Air Balloon
  • It’s Cold Inside! Gone Camping
  • Kofi and the Magic Shaker
  • Learning to Fly
  • The Little Seed
  • The Match
  • Museum Mystery
  • Please Be Quiet. Noisy Gerbils
  • Sea Rescue

More details                                            

The Tall Tales service will be available to local organisations for a small annual charge. For more details call Wokingham Library on 0118 978 1368 or email wokingham.library@wokingham.gov.uk

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