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Careers in social care

Careers in social care

Social work

Social work can be a very rewarding career. Particularly for those that wish to make a positive difference to their community. Each day will be different as you work through a variety of case work. Aiming for the best outcomes possible. 

You will work with people of all ages and backgrounds, offering patience and understanding. Your work will often involve situations that require you to be sensitive non-judgemental. You'll provide advice and support so people access services that will improve their well-being and opportunity.

Our social work

We employ a wide range of social workers across our services. Including working with:

  • Children and parents facing difficult circumstances
  • Older people
  • People with physical or learning disabilities
  • People with mental health problems
  • Young people in care
  • Homeless people
  • People moving towards independent living
  • People with drug, alcohol or substance dependency
  • Foster carers and adoptive parents   

To become a social worker you will need either a three-year undergraduate degree or two-year postgraduate degree in social work. This will incorporate a great deal of practical learning through placements and work experience.
As a newly qualified social worker you will continue your development supported by your employer. This is normally a 12 month programme where you are given your own caseload to develop your skills and confidence. Ongoing support is provided by your team, manager and employer with your work being continually assessed. At the end of the programme you will gain certification from the College of Social Work and will be expected to register with the Health Care Professions Council - HCPC.

Once you are ‘qualified’ you will be expected to retain your registration with the Health Care Professions Council. This requires ongoing practice and Continual Professional Development - CPD - against a Professional Capabilities Framework - PCF. This sets the standard for knowledge, skills and values social workers should demonstrate at each stage of their career.

Working through this programme will enable you to develop your career and obtain higher positions within any organisation.

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