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Adult Social Work

Adult social work

Benefits for social workers

We offer specific development programmes for our social worker workforce.

Some of the benefits of working with us as a social worker include:

A competitive salary structure that encompasses career progression like:

  • SW/OT Assessor Grade 6-8 - £23,945 to £34,894*
  • Senior SW/OT Assessor Grade 9 - £34,894 to £39,351
  • Operational Manager Grade 10 - £40,254 to £44,743
  • Service Manager Grade 11 - £45,658 to £50,204

Integrated Mental Health Services example salaries:

  • Care Manager / Social Worker# Grade 6-8 - £23,945 to £34,894*
  • Senior Social Practitioner# Grade 8  - £30,311 to £37,578*
  • Assistant Team Manager Grade 9 - £34,894 to £39,351
  • Service Manager Adult Mental Health Grade 11 - £45,658  to £50,204

* a market supplement exists on this salary

#some of these staff are paid to the top of Grade 9 - £39,351 as they have done special training making them an approved social worker dealing with complex mental health needs

We have clear career progression to develop their skills through personal and professional development.

We are keen to allow our social workers to do what they enjoy and to free them from bureaucracy. So we offer an effective business support model. We provide dedicated support to all our social work teams so they can decide a model that works for them and provides the support they need.

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