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Tenants Charter

Tenants Charter

The Tenants Charter has been developed by the Involved Tenants volunteers. It has been subject to review and approval by the Tenant and Landlord Improvement Panel and Wokingham Borough Council.

This charter sets out the views of our Involved Tenants on what is needed to modernise the customer experience and ensure continuous improvement.

Key priorities

There are 10 key priorities of Wokingham Borough Council tenants in the modernisation of housing services:

  1. Tackling the stigma associated with being a council tenant
  2. Identifying future patterns of tenant need and demand
  3. Maximising the accessibility of council services
  4. Modernising tenant engagement techniques to increase active involvement
  5. Creating an easy ‘friction-free’ customer experience for tenants
  6. Giving tenants greater choice on who does repairs and when
  7. Responding to an ageing tenant population
  8. Helping tenants manage their personal finances more effectively
  9. Greater transparency regarding tenant health and safety inspection results
  10. Developing a protocol for the analysis and protection of tenant data

Find out more

To find out more read the Tenants Charter (PDF document) and watch the Involved Tenants video, below.

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