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Register of licensed HMOs

Register of HMO licences


This gives the addresses of currently licensed HMOs in Wokingham Borough with start dates.

View the full register

If you wish to arrange a viewing of the full register (or to request a copy of it) as per Housing Act 2004 (section 232), please email environmental.health@wokingham.gov.uk to make an appointment between 9am and 5pm on a weekday to look at the register. You do not need to visit the council offices as it can be viewed online.

There is no charge to view the register, but you would not be able to copy it. It is important to make an appointment as the register is held securely on a computer and will not be available if you do not make an appointment.

The licence holders' names and addresses are included in the register as those are required to be included by the regulations. The HMO owners’ names and addresses are personal data and are not disclosed, but you can obtain those from HM Land Registry (for a small fee) if required.

Purchase a pdf copy of the full register

The HMO Register can be sent to you by email. The Council is authorised in Housing Act 2004 (section 232) to recover its costs of producing and sending a copy of the HMO Register, and this cost is £59 which is the standard charge for one hour’s work to produce an up to date copy of the register. To make the payment go to Wokingham Borough Council - online payments select Environmental Health and Licensing from the Account Group drop down list and select Other Fees Hourly Charges from the Account Type drop down list.

If you decide that you wish to purchase a pdf copy of the HMO register, please email environmental.health@wokingham.gov.uk to request it and provide an image of the receipt for payment of £59.


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