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Energy saving and climate

Energy saving and climate

Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and Help to Heat Scheme

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) and ECO Flex Help to Heat scheme aim to help eligible residents reduce their carbon emissions and lower their fuel bills by making poor performing homes more energy efficient. Improvements carried out through the Help to Heat scheme include loft insulation or cavity wall insulation and are generally free or heavily subsidised.

Eligible households include those in receipt of means tested benefit, or with a household income below £30,000 and a low Energy Performance Certificate(EPC) of D or below.

Wokingham Borough Council are pleased to publicise our Statement of Intent:  

Find out more about the Help to Heat scheme and local eligibility criteria in our Statement of Intent, or by contacting one of our partners:

Or by emailing the Council’s Energy Officer: matthew.johnston@wokingham.gov.uk

How we’re helping to reduce carbon emissions

We signed up to Climate Local in 2015 to become more energy efficient and help people across the borough to save money.

What is Climate Local?

Climate Local is a Local Government Association (LGA) initiative, supported by the Environment Agency, to drive and support council action on climate change. It aims to help councils reduce carbon emissions and be better able to withstand a changing climate. Through Climate Local, we, and our residents will be supported to make savings in energy use as well as being encouraged to generate income from renewable energy.

Our energy saving initiatives

Our initiatives to help reduce carbon emissions include

  • My Journey Wokingham project - encouraging people and employers/employees to take up more sustainable travel options, such as walking, cycling or using public transport
  • Recycling systems have been put in place in council offices
  • Energy usage in council buildings is being monitored and efficiency measures have been installed in all council buildings


For advice about keeping warm and well read our Wokingham Directory pages.

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