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Park homes

Park homes

Caravan sites and park homes

Read our  Caravan Site and Park Home Licence Register (PDF document) to see a list of caravan sites and park homes in the Wokingham Borough. View park home rules on the West Berkshire Council website.

Site inspections

It is the duty of the licence holder to ensure that mobile home parks comply with site licence conditions. We don't have a legal duty to regularly inspect mobile home parks. Sites that are given a high score are visited more frequently than sites with a low score.


If you have a complaint about a mobile home park, contact the site owner or manager. If they fail to resolve the problem, contact us for advice. Park rules and other matters which aren't covered under the site licence are between the resident and site owner/manager. If you are unable to resolve any issues, get advice from a solicitor or your local Citizens Advice Bureau.

Site licences

All privately owned park home sites require planning permission and a site licence (with a few exemptions.) Read the  guide to park homes on the Gov.uk website for more details. Certain site licensing functions carry a fee or charge. Read our Fee Policy for Protected Caravan Sites (PDF document)for details.

Changes to site licences

The licence holder must apply to us, in writing, if they want to vary the site licence (such as the permitted number of units onsite). This should include detailed proposals and a site plan (if relevant.) Site residents will be consulted where there is an application to vary a site licence.  When the holder of a site licence no longer occupies the land the licence needs to be transferred to the new occupier. The name and contact details of the new occupier and the date of the transfer must be sent to us, in writing. 


You can appeal to a tribunal if you disagree with a decision about your park home. Read the housing tribunals page on the Gov.uk website to find out how to appeal. For more details visit the  British Holiday and Home Park Association website and  National Park Homes Council website.

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