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Coping during coronavirus

Coping during coronavirus

Latest news

Read our coronavirus page for the latest updates on coronavirus (Covid-19.) 

Also see our how coronavirus is affecting our services page for updates about schools, roads, benefits, elections, etc.

We can get through this together

These unprecedented times are challenging, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally. 

You might feel lonely, lacking in motivation, anxious or depressed. But you are not alone. We can get through this together. 

We've put together a variety of useful support packs, guides and activities (below) to help you.

Help in the community

Read our community support for coronavirus page to find out how to give and get support, volunteer, and donate.

Online workouts and resources

Read our coronavirus: helpful information and resources page to find support services for vulnerable adults.

Read our bereavement support page for help with grief and loss.

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