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Activities for adults with health conditions

Activities for adults with health conditions

Studies show that keeping active can help prevent future medical problems and help with existing conditions. 

We have several activity and exercise activity schemes for adults with health conditions. 

To join you have to be referred by a GP or other qualified health practitioner.

We run a programme of activity classes called Active Hearts. These classes

  • Help rehabilitate patients who currently have or have had heart problems
  • Follow on from phase 3 of the cardiac rehabilitation scheme which is run by nursing teams in hospital
  • Use a mixture of cardiovascular and strength exercises to help in your rehabilitation

How to join

To be eligible you must

  • Be over 18
  • Live in the Wokingham Borough
  • Have had a heart attack
  • Have had a heart operation
  • Have had or currently have heart disease

You need to be referred to join. This can happen in 2 ways:

  • If you've completed phase 3 of the cardiac rehabilitation programme
  • If you've been referred by your GP or health professional - speak to your GP if you think you might be eligible

You'll also need to complete the Active Hearts Par Q form (PDF document) before you can take part.

Find a class

You can find out more about Active Hearts classes in our directory.

Cost and payment

It costs £38 for 10 sessions.

How to pay

Contact us 

This is a 24 week physical activity scheme for people: 

  • Who don't have active lifestyles
  • Have one or more medical conditions
  • Are over 16
  • Live in the Wokingham Borough

How to join

Make an appointment with your GP and ask them to refer you by completing:

After you're referred: 

  • We'll contact you to arrange a consultation with a lifestyle and wellbeing instructor
  • This is where you'll be advised what kind of activity will be most beneficial
  • You'll receive a gym induction and information of the classes on offer 
  • There will be a qualified specialist there to guide you throughout the programme
  • You'll receive reviews of your progress

Venues and classes

You can take part at the leisure centres below. View each web page to find out more:

  • Loddon Valley Leisure Centre
  • Carnival Pool Leisure Centre
  • St Crispin's Leisure Centre

How much does it cost?

  • Registration is £21. This covers your consultations, reviews, inductions with a lifestyle and wellbeing coordinator.
  • Most activities cost £2
  • Some more specialised activities like yoga and pilates cost £4
  • You can buy a block of 10 activities for £20 at a discounted rate
  • Optional gym reviews are £2

Contact us

The mental wellbeing sports programme is free to take part in. It helps promote and encourage positive mental wellbeing through sport and exercise.

The sessions are run in a relaxed environment by qualified coaches.

There are different levels at which you can play:

  • In a competitive environment where you compete with players and teams at your own level
  • In a more relaxed environment where you learn the sports at your own pace with our coaches

How to join

  • Ask your GP to refer you
  • Refer yourself
  • Referral through a carer/care home
  • Referral through a charity
  • Volunteer to help

Contact us if you'd like to take part:

Call: 0118 974 3728 

Email: sport@wokingham.gov.uk


You can find out about mental wellbeing sport and activities in our directory.

These are activities for adults who have the following long term health conditions:

  • Recovering from a stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Parkinson's disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Physical disabilities
  • COPD

How to join

You need to be referred by your GP to take part and have a long term health condition.

Make an appointment with your GP and ask them to refer you by completing:

Once we receive your referral we will:

  • Contact you to discuss your condition and book a consultation to find out which activities will be best for you
  • You'll then meet with a Long Term Health Instructor at the Health and well being zone at Loddon Valley for an induction

Classes and gym

When you've had your induction you can use our specialist gym at Loddon Valley Leisure Centre.

You can also attend activity classes. Find out about the long term health condition activity classes in our directory.

To attend the gym or take part in classes you need to book in advance. Contact us by:

Our falls prevention programme, known as steady steps, is for people aged over 60 who:

  • Have had a fall
  • Are worried they might have a fall
  • Have been feeling off balance

Classes last between 45 minutes to 1 hour. The programme is run in blocks of 10.

How to join

Make an appointment with your GP and ask them to refer you by completing:

After you're referred we'll contact you to decide the venue and time most suitable to you.

Venues and classes

Classes take place at:

  • Loddon Valley Leisure Centre in Lower Earley
  •  Woodford Park Leisure Centre 
  • St Crispin's Leisure Centre in Wokingham 

How much does it cost?

£3.80 a session, or a 10 week block is £38. This is payable upfront for the course.

Contact us:

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