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Dog walking

Dog walking

Dog walking

Well behaved dogs are welcome in our parks

Well behaved dogs and dog owners are welcome to visit and enjoy our parks. Dogs are not allowed in our play areas.

Please follow our good dog behaviour rules

Our Country Parks and Nature Reserves are precious reserves for wildlife and people, so we have some rules that help reduce conflicts:

  • All dogs must be kept under close control, be capable of being called to heel at all times, or must be kept on a lead
  • Please respect that some of our visitors are afraid of dogs and a dog can appear very large to a small child. (If someone feels threatened by your dog, or if your dog growls at someone you can be charged under Section 3 of the Dangerous Dog Act.) 
  • Whilst we do provide some bins for dog faeces it is your responsibility (legally) to remove your dog's pooh from the site. Failure to do so can result in a fine and a criminal record, bagged waste left on site is still considered as littering as well as deeply offensive. Read more about your legal responsibilities as a dog owner on our responsible dog ownership page
  • Please follow our guidance signs. They are there to help you and all of our non dog walking visitors
  • It is essential for wildlife that during April to June (the nesting season), dogs are kept under close control
  • If your dog is subjected to an attack from another dog please gather all the relevant information, notify the police and contact Countryside Service staff as we may be able to help identify the offender
  • You can have tea with your Tibetan or a Cappuccino with your Cane Corso Italiano of course but please ensure your dog is on a lead in our gardens
  • Assistance dogs are welcomed in our cafes

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