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Highwood Nature Reserve

Highwood Nature Reserve


Kingfisher Drive, RG5 3LH.

About Highwood Nature Reserve

Situated in Woodley between Southlake and the University of Reading, Highwood used to form part of the grounds of Woodley Lodge. Highwood is managed in partnership with the Friends of Highwood, an independent group of local residents.


You can get to Highwood from Kingfisher Drive, High Tree Drive and Southlake.

Dogs are welcome

Highwood has a fine example of mixed lowland woodland with an attractive heathland area too. Highwood is near a housing area and it is popular with dog walkers. It also has lots of footpaths.

Rare trees

The site contains exotic tree species, which were once part of an arboretum - a collection of trees - in the house grounds. These include giant redwoods and monkey puzzle.

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