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Heathlake - Site of Special Scientific Interest

Heathlake - Site of Special Scientific Interest


Nine Mile Ride, RG40 3AY.


A car park can be reached from the Nine Mile Ride - B3430.

About Heathlake

Heathlake is an area of woodland and heathland in the parish of Wokingham Without. The shallow 7 acre lake is the only acid lake in Berkshire which still retains its characteristic flora. This means it has a naturally low pH which supports several rare plants, including the water-milfoil and the 6 stemmed water crowfoot. This makes it a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Find out more about Sites of Special Scientific Interest on the  Natural England website.

Nature reserve

Coniferous woodland and scrub birch are being actively managed to restore the lowland heath. Most practical work is carried out along with the local friends groups and voluntary conservationists.

Making improvements to the lake

During the summer of 2021 Thames Water have been surveying the water quality and plant life in the lake. This has helped them build a better understanding of the current condition of the lake.

Thames Water are now working on a plan to improve the water quality of the lake. Visit the Thames Water website for more details.

Thames Water hosted a virtual meeting to explain the background to the project and next steps. This is now available to watch online.

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