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Charvil Country Park

Charvil Country Park


Park Lane, RG10 9TY.

About Charvil Country Park

Charvil Country Park covers 75 hectares. The area of former gravel pits and remnant pasture land is in the flood plain of the lower Loddon Valley between Twyford and Charvil. 

The site consists of restored lakes, amenity and species rich grassland, scrub, woodland, the Slade brook and the River Loddon itself.

No parking facilities

There are no parking facilities. Pedestrian access is from Park Lane, Old Bath Road, Vale View and East Park Farm Drive.

Rare plants and wildlife

Charvil Country Park is rich in wildlife and has 2 nationally rare plants: the Loddon Lily and Loddon Pondweed. The site is popular with birdwatchers due to the diverse wintering wildfowl (including Smew) and an active heronry.

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