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Council Tax exemptions

Council Tax exemptions

Who is exempt from paying Council Tax?

Some people don't have to pay Council Tax. The following people are exempt from paying Council Tax:

  • People under 18
  • Full time students
  • People living in halls of residence
  • People who are severely mentally impaired
  • People living in army barracks and married quarters
  • People with diplomatic privileges or immunity  

Exemptions if your home is empty

If your home is empty you may not have to pay Council Tax if: 

  • You're permanently receiving care in a hospital, nursing home or other address
  • Someone has gone to prison or has been detained
  • Someone has died
  • You're awaiting occupation by a minister of religion
  • Your property is owned by a charity
  • Your property has been repossessed
  • You become bankrupt
  • There are annexes with planning restrictions
  • There are unused caravan pitches or moorings

Apply for Council Tax exemption

Use the relevant application form or use our Council Tax enquiry and application form (PDF document) to apply for Council Tax exemption.

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