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Our companies

Our companies

We own 7 companies

  • Optalis - a group of 3 companies providing social care solutions
  • Wokingham Enterprises Ltd - managing the holdings for the redevelopment of Wokingham town centre
  • Wokingham Housing - providing social housing through Loddon Homes Ltd and Wokingham Housing Limited 

WBC (Holdings) Limited

Provides Governance over the Local Authority Trading Companies on behalf of the Shareholder.


Optalis Group

A group of 3 companies - Optalis Holdings Limited, Optalis Limited and Optalis Wokingham Limited.


 Accounts and recent information

To find out more visit the Optalis website

Berry Brook Homes Limited

Wokingham Housing

Wokingham Housing Limited and Loddon Homes Limited - housing provider and developer.


Accounts and recent information

Contractual remuneration of Non Executive Directors

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