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About us - our vision, priorities and values

About us - our vision, priorities and values

Our Council

Wokingham is an attractive market town in Berkshire with excellent road and rail links, good schools and low levels of crime. The town is attractive to families and residents who enjoy a high quality of life.

We have recently had a major reorganisation to ensure we provide the best possible services to the people of Wokingham. We are a lean organisation. We have low funding and the smallest number of staff per resident of any unitary authority. We are efficient and effective and achieve a lot thanks to our hard working staff and councillors.

We are determined to continue saving and finding ways to provide better service and value to our communities and residents.

Our vision for the borough is to be 'a great place to live, an even better place to do business.'

We are recognised as a good place to live. We want to maintain this whilst improving quality of life.

We are going to

  • Regenerate our towns and increase the community vibrancy
  • Create an environment that allows businesses to thrive and economic growth
  • Maintain the quality of our environment and take advantage of our favourable location  
  • Work with our partners to maintain our outstanding performance in education
  • Deliver well designed development and build strong communities with our collaborative efforts in planning
  • Use transformation and service commissioning to deliver effective services in an efficient way despite annual funding cuts
  • Invest in prevention services to increase or maintain independence and support people to become self-sufficient

The principles behind how we work are to

  • Offer excellent value for Council Tax   
  • Provide affordable homes  
  • Look after the vulnerable  
  • Improve health, wellbeing and quality of life  
  • Maintain and improve waste collection, recycling and fuel efficiency  
  • Deliver quality in all we do

Improve educational attainment and focus on every child achieving their potential

We will work with partners to be one of the best local authorities in the country for educational attainment. We will maintain high performance overall. We will also focus on narrowing the gap in the achievement of children from particular groups by delivering targeted support and early intervention.

Invest in regenerating towns and villages, support social and economic prosperity, whilst encouraging business growth

We will work with residents, businesses and partners to develop an affordable programme of regeneration in our towns and villages. We will start with Wokingham. We will assist communities, increase trade and provide amenities that people value. We will focus on supporting business growth.

Ensure strong sustainable communities that are vibrant and supported by well designed development

We will concentrate on planning and delivering services to support appropriate design and development. We will create thriving communities.

Tackle traffic congestion in specific areas

We will explore different private and public transport options to reduce congestion and improve journey’s.

Improve the customer experience when accessing services

We will provide a responsive, flexible and consistent customer service. We want to give residents confidence that Council Tax is being spent wisely. We will continue to train and develop our staff and working practices to focus on our priorities. We will build on our good practice resolving your queries at first point of contact and providing residents with modern technology to access our services.

We have a set of values for how we behave together and how we provide our services to our customers. These values help us develop a culture where staff work in a collaborative way and deliver services with high standards of care.

Trust and respect

We trust residents to make choices and decisions that are best for them. We will help when we are needed. The way we work together as staff, councillors, and partners reflects trust and respect for each other.


Our elected councillors and our staff are proud to work for us. They are committed to making our borough a great place to live, and even better place to do business.  

Working as a team

The way we work together as councillors and staff makes sure we are the best  we can be. We avoid duplication, tackling inefficiency and improving service and experience of residents and customers.

Being valued

We recognise our many responsibilities to keeping the area and our residents safe and prosperous. We recognise our councillors and staff for their contribution and for our success.

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