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Send us a request for personal information

Send us a request for personal information

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Request for personal information (data subject access request)

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Information requested under Data Subject Access Request

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Proof of Identity and Address  

To help establish your identity, when you are requested to you must bring two original documents to the Council Offices for verification. One to confirm your name (full driving licence, passport, birth certificate, medical card) and one to confirm both  your name and address (full driving licence, bank/credit card statement, utility bill, child benefit/pension book or other equivalent document showing both you name and address).

Data Subject Access Requests for Children

If you are the parent of a child under 12 years old and are requesting their records, you will be required to prove that you are the parent by demonstrating that you are in receipt of Child Benefit for the child in question. If you are the parent of  a child over 12 years old and requesting their records, you will require written permission from the child to be able to submit the request. Please select the relevant option below.

Data Subject Access Requests - Checklist and Declaration  

Please tick all applicable:

NB: When you receive a request for proof of identity and payments please bring this to:   
Information Services Customer Services and IMT   
Wokingham Borough Council   
Shute End   
Berkshire RG40 1BN

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