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Borough and Parish Elections 2 May 2019

Borough and Parish Elections 2 May 2019

Borough and Parish Elections will be taking place on 2 May 2019. See the map of areas with scheduled elections on 2 May 2019 (PDF document.)

Read the documents below for more details.

Information for Postal Vote Electors in Emmbrook South

If you live in the Emmbrook South (WBW Polling District) area, you may have received 2 postal vote packs from us.

Both packs contain duplicate ballot papers, i.e. the ballot papers have the exact same number. Therefore even if you try to use both votes, only one will be accepted as the system will automatically detect that a postal voting statement has already been received from you.

Our advice is to complete one set and destroy the other.

Unfortunately, our printers had an issue with the production of the postal votes in the Emmbrook South (WBW Polling District), in that the postal vote packs were duplicated. The Emmbrook ward had to be split due to the fact that each polling district needed different parish ballot papers. It was at this point that the data we had supplied was duplicated.

Whilst we are disappointed that this error has occurred, we are confident that it will in no way affect the result of the poll. We apologise to Postal Voters in the Emmbrook South area for any confusion caused.

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