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Annual electoral registration canvass 2020

Annual electoral registration canvass 2021

Don’t lose your voice - look out for your voter registration details

Each year we are required by law to check the voter registration details for all properties in the Borough. This year we will be carrying out the process between August and December.

Following government reforms to the process we will be able to contact some residents via email. The email will ask you to confirm your details at the Household Response Service website. It will contain the security codes you need to complete the process.

Not all residents will be contacted by email so please also keep an eye out for any forms posted to you and please ensure you follow the instructions on the letter.

Effect of Covid-19

This year's canvass is taking place during a challenging public health situation and we are working to ensure that we take account of public health guidelines, including the continued importance of social distancing.

When you are contacted read the instructions carefully and if we require a response do so as soon as you can. By responding quickly you will be helping the process run as smoothly as possible and also prevent us needing to make further contact with you.

To find out more read our Annual Canvass Frequently Asked Questions (PDF document)

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