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Youth survey - what you thought

Youth survey - what you thought

What we did and who we asked

We sent the survey out to all secondary schools. We asked about:

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Bullying
  • E-safety
  • Road safety
  • Sexual harassment
  • Gangs

There were 1,195 responses to this year’s Community Safety Partnership’s Youth Survey. 

Your answers help us understand: 

  • What makes you feel unsafe
  • What we can do to make you feel safer

You can find out what young people thought below .

  • 52 pupils (4.4 percent) said they feel either fairly unsafe or very unsafe at school
  • Year 7s are most likely to feel unsafe at school, with 7.2 percent saying they do
  • 36 percent of pupils have experienced at least one form of bullying in the past 12 months (that includes online abuse, physical attacks and name calling), with more pupils being bullied or threatened in school than out of school
  • A number of comments showed concerns about young people smoking, particularly people smoking close to school
  • You thought presentations and posters in schools were the best ways to let you know about community safety issues and ways to stay safe
  • Instagram and Facebook were the top online ways that you wanted to hear about community safety and staying safe.
  • 88 pupils (7.6 percent) answered that they feel either fairly unsafe or very unsafe in their local area. This is many more than feel unsafe at school
  • A number of people commented that they were worried about harassment by men and drunk people walking on the street
  • Road safety remains a big concern: Careless driving and speeding is common and 346 of you (29 percent) said you have almost or actually been hit by a car. 31 percent of you selected safer places to cross roads as one of your top 3 ways to make you feel safer
  • Walking outside alone or in the dark was the most common reason for feeling unsafe, and lots of you said that cleaner streets and better lighting would help you feel safer
  • Gangs were a concern in a number of comments and 'Groups of other young people hanging around' was a big reason for feeling unsafe
  • The number of young people not telling anyone after a crime or experiencing an unsafe situation is high. You are much more likely to report crimes such as theft, whereas you are much less likely to tell anyone if you are offered drugs, alcohol or cigarettes or someone directs unwanted sexual comments at you online or offline
  • Your views have been shared with the Community Safety Partnership and Wokingham’s Safeguarding Children Board. This means members of the police, the council, the NHS and some local charities now know what makes you feel unsafe and what they need to focus on to help you feel safer
  • We are always working to make the survey better. Over the next year we will be working with your schools and pupils to make sure we’re asking the right questions and learn what else we can do to make you feel safer

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