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Youth offending

Youth offending

What is a Youth Offending Service?

The Youth Offending Service aim to reduce offending behaviour and prevent re-offending amongst young people. The Youth Offending Service support young people who have either been sentenced to a statutory court order or been made subject to an Out of Court Disposal. Support is also offered where concerns have been raised around anti-social behaviour and/or the young person is at risk of offending.

Young people can come to the attention of the Youth Offending Service for a number of reasons:

  • Getting into trouble with the Police or being arrested
  • Being charged with a crime and having to go to court
  • Being convicted of a crime and given a sentence
  • Being referred from Children’s Social Care


Young people are assessed to identify desistance factors and interventions are tailored towards education, support, and reduction of risks in relation to offending, harmful behaviours and safety and wellbeing concerns.

The Youth Offending Service have links with multi-agencies to deliver holistic professional support for young people and their families. The Youth Offending Service (YOS) typically includes case workers, social workers, education welfare officers, police officers, probation officers and health and substance misuse workers.

Areas of support could include:

  • Education, employment and training
  • Understanding the harm and helping young people repair the harm
  • Reparation – paying back for the harm the young person has caused
  • Drugs and alcohol work
  • Offending behaviour work
  • Support from CAMHS worker
  • Speech and Language support

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