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Free bus passes for senior residents

Free bus passes for senior residents

General information

Bus passes can be used on:

  • Buses boarded within Wokingham Borough from 9am Monday to Friday

You can get a free bus pass when you reach the State Pension age. Use the pension age calculator on the Gov.uk website to find out if you are eligible.

You can apply for a bus pass online up to 2 weeks before you reach the qualifying age. Applications submitted via email or post can only be processed once you reach the qualifying age so please take this into consideration if sending your application in advance.

Document checklist

Make sure you have the following documents ready before you apply:

1. Proof of date of birth

Please provide one of the following:

  • Birth / adoption certificate (along with deed poll / marriage certificate if name has changed)
  • Current passport - the identification page. If your passport is not a British or EU passport, a copy of the visa page is also required
  • Current driving licence – the counterpart of a driving licence is no longer a valid proof of identity
  • Printed prescription showing your date of birth

2. Proof of address

Please provide one of the following:

  • Council Tax / utility bill
  • Bank statement
  • Driving licence

3. Recent colour photograph (passport size)

You can apply for your bus pass online.

Alternatively print and complete the bus pass application form (PDF document) and send it to us, along with your documents, by email or post:

We accept copies of documents. If you send in original documents they will be returned to you by standard post unless a pre-paid return envelope is provided.

If you cannot travel alone due to a disability you could qualify for a companion bus pass. Read the free bus pass for disabled residents page for more details.

There is a charge of £6.00 for a replacement bus pass, unless your pass was stolen and you can supply a crime reference number.

We are starting our bus pass renewal programme, to replace our bus passes that expire on 30 September 2022.

  • We will renew your bus pass automatically before 30 September 2022 - no action is required from you to renew your pass
  • We will begin issuing new bus passes during August 2022
  • If you haven’t received your new bus pass by 12 September, email: concessionarytravel@wokingham.gov.uk and let us know

We currently renew our bus passes every 5 years. We previously renewed our bus passes in 2017.

  • If your address has changed since you received your current bus pass, email concessionarytravel@wokingham.gov.uk with details. We will need the name of all bus pass holders affected, along with your old address, and new address

Please let the concessionary travel team know, even if you have told another department within the council.

All efforts will be made to forward new passes to the correct address, if they are returned to the council, but please help us by informing us now of your new details.

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