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Report suspected adult abuse

Report suspected adult abuse

If you are concerned about the welfare of a vulnerable adult you should report the abuse.

What is abuse?

Abuse is any behaviour towards a person that causes harm, endangers life, or violates their rights including:

  • Physical e.g. shaking or slapping someone
  • Sexual e.g. any sexual act to which the person has not consented
  • Psychological e.g. threats of harm or abandonment, humiliation, intimidation, verbal abuse
  • Financial e.g. stealing someone's money or denying them access to their money or possessions
  • Neglect e.g. ignoring someone's medical or care needs, withholding food
  • Discriminatory e.g. racist or sexist abuse and harassment, this can include hate crime

To find out more read the Easy read guide on keeping adults safe and where to go for help (PDF document)

Safeguarding adults board

You can find more information about abuse and safeguarding for on the West of Berkshire Safeguarding Adults Board website

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