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Domestic abuse and violence

Domestic abuse

Don't suffer in silence

Are you living in fear of someone you know? Is your partner, ex-partner or a family member hurting you or making you feel afraid? Are you worried your partner was abusive in a past relationship? You are not alone. You can get help. 


  • In an emergency call the police on 999

Contact us for help

Domestic abuse is any physical, sexual, emotional, psychological or financial abuse between those that are or have been intimate partners or family members:

  • Sometimes there are no bruises to see
  • Sometimes it’s not just about your own safety
  • Sometimes it feels like there is just no way out
  • Anyone can be affected

Don’t suffer in silence. There is always someone to turn to for support and advice.

A planned escape is the safest way to leave an abusive relationship. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Have some money saved in case you need a taxi or bus
  • Have a small bag already packed with an extra set of keys for the house and car in case you need to leave in an emergency - these could be left with a trusted friend
  • Take important documents such as your marriage and birth certificates, any court orders, passport, benefit and bank books and health record
  • Take any essential medicines for you and your children

Leave when it is safe to do so and take useful contact numbers with you.  

If you're concerned you can delete your website history.

The Women's Aid survival handbook on the Women's Aid website tells you how and includes lots of useful advice.

The Home Refuge Scheme is a free service for anyone suffering abuse and wanting to remain in their home. It provides security measures such as door chains, viewers, and window locks, so you can stay safe in your home.

You will also be offered support from Berkshire Women’s Aid and have a full fire safety check from Royal Berkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

If you're worried that your partner may have a history of abuse you can request a disclosure from the police.  

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