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Financial assessments - paying for your care

Financial assessments - paying for your care and support

If you qualify for support we will carry out a financial assessment to decide whether or not you have enough money to pay towards what you need. We use government guidance to work this out.

How much you pay depends on your income and outgoings. It also depends on whether: 

  • You receive care and support and live in your own home
  • You're in a care home or nursing home

You can find out more below:

This includes services like:

  • A homecare agency who come to your home to give you support
  • Going to a day centre
  • Short breaks
  • Help to stay involved in the community

How we work out the amount you'll need to pay

If your savings and investments are:

  • More than £23,250 you'll be charged the full cost plus administrations fees
  • Less than £14,250 they won't affect how much you pay. 
  • Between £14,250 and £23,250 we'll add £1 for every £250 over £14,250 to your income. This is known as tariff income

We'll send you a financial assessment form You'll need to complete a financial assessment form which will show  your income, savings, capital, and outgoings. 

A financial assessment officer may visit you to complete the form with you. They'll also tell you if you're entitled to any benefits.

Once we have all this information we'll work out how much you'll be charged each week.

If you live in, or need to move into a care home or nursing home, we will include the value of your house in the financial assessment. However, this may not mean you have to sell it. 

You may want to consider a deferred payment agreement with us. This is an arrangement whereby you agree to pay your fees at a later date when your home can be sold. This means you should not be forced to sell your home during your lifetime to pay for your care. 

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