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Support when you come out of hospital

Support when you come out of hospital

What will happen:

  • You’ll be given an estimated leaving date within 24 to 48 hours of being admitted to hospital
  • Your progress will be reviewed and if there’s likely to be a change to your leaving date a discharge co-ordinator or ward co-ordinator will keep you updated

Read more about what happens after surgery on the NHS website.


Before you leave you will have an assessment which will look at your needs. If the assessment shows that you need extra support you might be visited by:

  • A social worker
  • A physiotherapist
  • An occupational therapist
  • A speech therapist
  • A mental health nurse
  • A dietician

You will be fully involved in the assessment process. Family carers will also be kept informed and involved but only with your permission.  

If you need help putting your views across, an independent advocate may be able to help. 

Care plan

Your care plan will be drawn up with your involvement. This will show the support you will get and will include details of:

  • Who is looking after the care plan
  • Who is providing support and how to contact them
  • The support you will get when you leave
  • When and how often support will be provided
  • How the support will be monitored and reviewed
  • Who to contact if there's an emergency or if things don’t work as they should
  • Any charges that will need to be paid if this applies to you

On the day you leave the hospital will make sure that:

  • You will have a copy of your care plan
  • A copy of your care plan will be given to your carer if you have one 
  • Any careworkers will be available if needed
  • Your GP is notified in writing
  • Transport is arranged to get you home
  • You have any medication or other supplies you’ll need
  • You’ve been shown how to use any equipment, aids or adaptations needed
  • You have appropriate clothes to wear
  • You have money and keys for your home

If you are going to a care home, the home will also be told the date and time and have a copy of the care plan.

This depends on your circumstances and might include:

Short term needs

  • Health liaison team - provides information and advice to help people, carers and families with care and support and how to fund it
  • NHS continuing healthcare - free care outside of hospital at home or in a residential setting
  • NHS Intermediate care - helps to get you home from hospital as quickly as possible and to maintain your independence
  • Optalis START (short term assessment and re ablement team) service - helps to regain your ability to manage your daily life as far as possible
  • Age UK Home from hospital service - provides practical support as well as advice and reassurance about how to manage at home

 Long term needs

Finding your own support

If you're arranging your own care and support you can find more support services in our directory.

If you're going to provide care for the person leaving hospital you can ask us for a carers' assessment.

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