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Request a needs assessment - getting support

Request a needs assessment - getting support

What is a needs assessment?

An assessment means we meet you and talk about your situation. We'll ask you some questions about your wellbeing and how you're managing in your daily life so that we can think about what help and support you might need.

Anyone over the age of 18 who asks for a social care needs assessment has the right to have one.

Needs assessment eligibility

You'll be eligible if you have a physical or mental condition that has a significant impact on your wellbeing.

You must also be unable to achieve at least 2 of the following:

  • Feed yourself
  • Meal preparation
  • Maintain personal hygiene (keeping clean)
  • Manage toilet needs
  • Be appropriately clothed
  • Stay safe in your own home
  • Manage the housework in your home
  • See and keep in touch with friends and family and meet new friends
  • Work, volunteer or do education and training you may need
  • Make use of necessary facilities or services in the local community including public transport, and recreational facilities or services
  • Carry out any caring responsibilities you have for a child

If this applies to you:


Online help tool

You can also use our online help tool which directs you towards information, advice and services that could help you to live independently and improve your wellbeing. The tool also gives you the option to refer yourself for a needs assessment. 

Sensory Needs

If you're not eligible for care and support from us, we'll still give you information about other organisations that may be able to help you.

There are services available which can help prevent or delay your need for on-going services. As part of the assessment, we will consider if you might benefit from these, regardless of your eligibility.

To find out more about these services, see the:

Adult services directory

Support at home pages

Travel, transport and parking pages

Leisure and keeping active pages


You can also use our online help tool which directs you towards services that could help with every day tasks, keeping safe and improve your wellbeing.

When you contact us, we will need to carry out an initial assessment.

If someone else has referred you, we will always contact you to make sure you have given your consent to go ahead with the assessment. Even if someone else has referred you, your assessment is about you as an individual. We'll listen to your views and wishes and these will be included in the assessment.

We will need to ask you a number of questions, therefore it's useful to have the following information available:

  • Name, date of birth and address of the person the assessment is for   
  • How the person manages with daily tasks

Please read our Strengths-Based Approach Leaflet (PDF document) for more information.

Where it takes place

You can choose where you feel most comfortable. Many people are happy for us to meet in their home. 

This can help us see how you are living and whether any equipment would make living at home easier for you.

Who will be involved

The assessment will be carried out by one of our trained adult social care practitioners. You can have anyone you want with you for the assessment, such as a family member, a carer or a friend.

If you need help to understand the information you are given or tell us what you want and you don’t have anyone else who can help you, we can provide an independent advocate.

Please discuss this with us before the assessment, so we can make suitable arrangements.

Your assessment will show: 

  • What you could do for yourself
  • The areas you need support with

Our assessor will: 

  • Agree with you the services that will meet the needs identified in your assessment
  • Work with you to develop a care and support plan

The care and support plan will show the things you will arrange yourself and the things you'll ask someone to do for you. It will also list any money, services or equipment we have agreed to provide for you.

To ensure everything is working well we will review your care and support annually. We will arrange to come out and visit you.

If we provide services to you, we will review how your care and support is working within 6 weeks of it starting and then at least once every year.

Contributing to your care and support

If you qualify for support, we'll carry out a financial assessment to decide whether or not you have enough money to pay towards what you need. How much you pay depends on your income and outgoings. We'll also look at the amount of savings you have.

Visit the paying for care and support section of our website for further information. 

Personal budgets

We'll provide you with a personal budget and discuss with you how you can use this to meet your needs via a range of options, including direct payments.

This will help you to better understand the likely costs of your care and support and your contribution. This gives you choice and control over the support you get.

You can find out more on the personal budgets page.

You can also ask us for a review if your needs or circumstances change.

Contact our Brokerage and Support service on 0118 974 6832

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