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Moving to a new council

Moving to a new council

If you decide to move, don't worry. We will make sure that you have all the information you need to make your decision. We will also make sure that there won’t be any gaps in your care if you do decide to move.

Contact the local council where you intend to move. They will give you information about the care and support available in their area - types of care and support available to people with similar needs (including support for carers), information about local care providers and organisations that could meet your needs and details of their charging policy.

Find your local council on the UK Government website.

Once you are sure that you want to move, you should tell the council you are moving from that you intend to move. They may contact you to discuss this.

Once your plans to move are finalised you should contact the council responsible for social services in the area you are moving to, to let them know you are ready to move and have been receiving care from us. They will then contact us about your care needs.

Each council will allocate a named staff member who will be the ongoing contact during the move.

We will provide the council you are moving to with all relevant copies of your:

  • Most recent care and support plan
  • Carer's most recent support plan (if they are moving with you)
  • Care account, if you have one
  • Independent personal budget
  • Most recent assessment

Your needs may change when you move home. For instance, if you are nearer to family, you may have more sources of support. Alternatively, being in a new place may mean that you have new needs. It is important that the authority you are moving to assesses you, so that you receive the right care and support. If your carer is moving with you, the second authority will also assess their needs. 

Assessments may take place before you move to the new area. However, sometimes it makes more sense to assess you after the move. This could be because your different needs have to be assessed in your new home. In these cases, the council you are moving to will meet your needs. They will use the information from your care and support plan or recent assessment from the council moved from.

These arrangements will be put in place on the day of the move and continue until the council you are moving to has carried out its own assessment. This will ensure that you don’t experience any gap in your care.

If the council you are moving to finds any needs which are different to those identified by the council you moved from, it will explain in writing why this is the case.

We will keep track of progress on putting services in place, and will keep you informed throughout the process. You will be invited to any relevant meetings, though if you are moving far away it may be easier to discuss over the telephone. You will be involved throughout the process, so you have a clear understanding of what is happening and of any potential changes.

If you live in a different area to the person you care for, it will be the local council for the person you care for that is responsible for assessing and supporting your needs.

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