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Business and community funding

Business and community group funding

Help from the Hub

The Business Growth Hub can help firms with business support for growth. The Hub helps to drive business growth in the Thames Valley. Through the Business Growth Hub, local businesses will benefit from support from experienced business people and have access to facilities and networks. For more details visit the Business Growth Hub website, email: info@berkshirebusinesshub.co.uk or call 0118 935 7115.

Business loans

The Business Growth Hub will also be able to provide information on the Funding Escalator which provides repayable loans to businesses. 

Visit the Funding Escalator website or the Start-up Loans website to find out more about business loans.

Funding advice

Before applying for funding, think carefully about how much money you want to bid for, and how you'd use the money. Visit the  Gov.uk website for tips about funding. You can also visit the  Government funding website which gives details of funding available from the government for voluntary and community groups.  

Council funding for children and young people

Funding opportunities are available through children’s centres activities. If you're interested in delivering a service in your local children's centre contact one of the children's centre managers.

Funding from other organisations

Your local Town or Parish Council often provide funding to support voluntary groups, particularly those benefiting their local community. Contact your Town or Parish Council for more information. The following websites also offer funding

General advice for community groups

Visit the  Connect Reading website for advice about how to run a business, manage donations and find office equipment. Visit our Health and Safety issues for voluntary organisations page for help about Health and Safety. For help finding volunteers visit the  Wokingham Volunteer Centre website.

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