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Naming ceremonies

Naming ceremonies

What is a naming ceremony

A naming ceremony allows parents to welcome a child of any age to their family. 

Parents can make promises and commitment to the child in front of relatives and friends. Readings and poems can be used and a special gift can be given to the child.

If they want parents can also renew wedding vows.

Are naming ceremonies legally binding

Naming ceremonies are not legally binding. A written record of a naming ceremony  can't be used for identification purposes.

Because they aren't legally binding we can offer more options to make it a special day. 

Naming ceremony certificates

At the ceremony there is a commemorative certificate for the child. This includes the names of the parents and the names of any supporting adults and grandparents.

You can purchase additional commemorative certificates for £5 each to give as gifts.


The venue is flexible. If you choose a venue that isn't one of our approved premises there is an additional fee for insurance purposes.

Any venue is subject to our final approval.


Fees for naming ceremonies in our Ceremony Room are:

  • Monday to Thursday - £155
  • Friday and Saturday - £319
  • Sunday and Bank Holiday - £418

Fees for naming ceremonies in one of our approved premises are:

  • Monday to Thursday - £337
  • Friday and Saturday - £393
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays - £457

Fees for naming ceremonies in other public premises are:

  • Monday to Thursday - £361
  • Friday and Saturday - £437
  • Sunday and Bank Holidays - £501

Full fees must be paid at the time of booking. This includes a non returnable booking fee of £50.  Also included is the cost of 1 certificate. Each additional certificate required costs £5.

How to book

To find out more, discuss your requirements or book contact our Register Office.

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