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Apply for Test and Trace Support Payments

Apply for Test and Trace Support Payments

Who can apply?

You can apply for Covid-19 Test and Trace Support Payments if:

  1. You've been in self-isolation since 28 September 2020 or after
  2. You've been contacted by NHS Test and Trace and have been advised to self-isolate, or you are a parent or guardian whose child or young person (aged 15 or under or 25 or under with an Education, Health and Care Plan) has been asked to self-isolate
  3. You're in employment, or self employment, but can’t work from home during the isolation period
  4. You currently receive the following Benefits: Universal Credit, Working Tax Credit, Job Seekers Allowance, Income Support, Employment Support Allowance, Housing Benefit, or Pension Credit
  5. You've had a reduction in earned income due to self-isolation, or you are looking after a child who has to self-isolate

If you meet all of the criteria above, you can apply for Covid-19 Test and Trace Support Payments.

If you're currently claiming one or more of the named benefits, complete the form below to apply for Test and Trace Support Payments.

For people who aren't claiming benefits

If you're not currently claiming any benefits but meet all the other criteria, you can apply for Discretionary Test and Trace support payments.

Before you complete the form

Make sure that you have the below information available before starting the application:

  • National Insurance (NI)  number
  • Your 8 digit Test and Trace ID number
  • Your most recent bank statement, proof of self-employment or wage slips
  • Letter from your school or childcare setting confirming your child has been advised to self-isolate

Apply now

This application is for one person only. Any further applications within the same household must be made by each individual.

Indicates mandatory fields

Benefits - Apply for Coronavirus Test and Trace support payments
Who are you completing this application for?

*If you selected: ‘Yourself - my child has to self-isolate’ please answer the following questions about your child.

Otherwise, skip to 'Name of applicant.'

Does your child have an education, health and care plan?

Please provide evidence of at least one of the following: 

- Your child’s 8 digit NHS track and Trace ID number 
- Communication from your child’s education or childcare setting confirming that they have to self-isolate 
- A screenshot of a young person’s NHS Covid-19 App notification telling them to self-isolate and evidence that the young person has an education, health and care plan

All self-declared information you provide about your child will be checked with their education or care setting

Are you:
Are you able to work from home during your isolation period?
Will you have a reduction in earned income?
Are you currently in receipt of furlough pay?:
Have you travelled abroad within the last 3 months?
Are you in receipt of the Covid-19 Self-Employment Income Support Scheme grant from HMRC?:

Please provide your latest self-employed accounts or HMRC tax return. If self-employed less than 1 year please provide evidence of registration with HMRC.


Which of the following benefits/support do you receive?

Please provide the following detail of the bank account you wish the payment to go into. (The bank account must be in the name of the applicant.)

Upload your evidence documents one by one. If you are employed this should also include proof of employment / loss of earned income i.e. your most recent wage slip(s) or a letter from your employer. We will also require a recent bank statement for the account you would like your payment to be paid into. This statement should include the name of the account holder and the account number and sort code.

Under the Equality Act we have a responsibility to collect details of our customer groups. The information gathered is used to help us ensure that all protected groups are fairly treated in all our policies and procedures ensuring fair and equal access  to all.

The information you give is confidential and will only be used to provide our services to everyone.

We would appreciate your help by completing the form below. However you do not have to fill it in and will not affect your claim in any way.


I confirm that the information is true and accurate. I agree to self-isolate for the required period and understand that if I fail to self- isolate or do not have a reduction of income for the self- isolation period I will be required to pay the funds back.


I agree that if my child is not required to self-isolate I will be required to pay the funds back.

The Council relies on your consent to access your records contained in the NHS Test and Trace Data System (CTAS) for the purposes of confirming your eligibility for this scheme of payment. You can find more information on CTAS in the Privacy Notice on the NHS website.

Your data will not be shared with other entities outside of the Council for any purpose. You may withdraw your consent at any time by calling us on 0118 974 6000. If you do withdraw your consent, you will no longer be entitled to the payments under this scheme.

For information about how we will process the information gathered on the form, read our privacy statement.

I agree to the above declaration:

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