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Payment of Local Housing Allowance to landlords

Local Housing Allowance for landlords

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a type of Housing Benefit for people on a low income who rent privately from a landlord. It is based on the number of rooms people are allowed and who lives with them (not how much rent they pay). Local Housing Allowance rates are set for different types of accommodation in each area. Read our Local Housing Allowance page for more details.

Certain tenants are exempt from Local Housing Allowance and can decide to have their Housing Benefit paid to you as their landlord. Tenants who can't claim Local Housing Allowance include

  • Housing Association tenants 
  • Mobile home / caravan tenants 
  • Tenants who have been in receipt of Housing Benefit continuously since before 7 April 2008  

If your tenancy falls into one of these categories your tenant's Housing Benefit will be calculated differently.

If your tenant claims Local Housing Allowance they are responsible for paying your their rent. There are only limited circumstances in which Local Housing Allowance can be paid directly to you, as a landlord. These circumstances are

  • Your tenant has the equivalent of 8 weeks rent arrears 
  • Your tenant has issues managing money due to ill health 
  • Your tenant has issues managing money because they are vulnerable 
  • Your tenant has previously had benefit paid to a landlord due to rent arrears 
  • Direct payment is needed to secure or maintain the tenancy  

Contact us to discuss direct payments

If you believe that the above circumstances apply to your tenant, contact us to discuss the issue. You can email benefits@wokingham.gov.uk or call 0118 974 6000.

Due to Data Protection, we can only give you information or confirm your tenant has a claim with us if they have given us permission to discuss their claim with you. We will make a note of any information you give us and take appropriate action.

How to set up direct payments

The easiest way to receive your Housing Benefit payment is direct into a bank or building society account. If you would like us to pay you in this way, complete the Landlords Housing Benefit BACS mandate (PDF document).

How often will I get paid?

Payments to landlords are made 4-weekly in arrears on a set payment schedule (PDF document) although money we owe you may be issued earlier.

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