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Benefit fraud

Benefit fraud

Report benefit fraud

You can report benefit fraud by:

  • Using our online benefit fraud report form
  • Calling: 0800 454 240 for Council Tax Reduction or 0800 854 440 for Housing Benefit

What is benefit fraud?

  • If you claim Housing Benefit, Council Tax Reduction, or other benefits but have no right to claim it, you are committing benefit fraud
  • If you are deliberately dishonest or fail to report a change of personal circumstances, you are committing benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is a criminal offence

Anyone who knowingly fails to declare their true circumstances when receiving benefit is committing fraud.

Common types of fraud include failing to tell us about: 

  • Bank or Building Society accounts 
  • Working part time or full time 
  • Other people living with you 
  • Other income, including private pensions 
  • Other benefits, such as tax credits 
  • Moving home 
  • Getting married
  • A partner moving in with you - even if it is only temporary 
  • Renting a room to a lodger or tenant 
  • Properties you own or have an interest in 

Benefit fraud steals from our community

Benefit fraud costs our community money that could be used to fund other vital services. It is not a victimless crime. We pay approximately £12.3 million in Housing Benefit and Council Tax Reduction every year. Nationally, around 10 percent of benefit paid has been claimed fraudulently. You can help us reduce this by reporting a fraud.

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