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In-year school admissions

What are in-year admissions?

In-year (casual) admissions are admissions to schools which are outside the main points of entry to school:

When can I apply?

Applications will only be considered half a term in advance of a place being required. Children wishing to transfer schools without a house move will normally be admitted to a school from the beginning of each half term. Places not taken up for the half-term requested will be withdrawn. Many schools in the Wokingham Borough may already be full and moving to an area does not guarantee a place at the preferred school.

If you are moving your child to another school because the child is unhappy, we recommend that any issues are addressed with the current school prior to considering a change of school as this can be disruptive to your child’s education. Applicants from abroad will be required to provide additional information.

If applying for an own admissions authority school, please refer to the 2013 to 2014 admissions arrangements. Supplementary information forms may be required for these schools and can be downloaded from the document section, below.

If you have been advised by this council, or another local authority, that your application has been unsuccessful, you have the right of appeal.

Wokingham Borough residents

Wokingham Borough residents must apply, using the Wokingham Borough in-year application form, for schools within this Borough and where a co-ordinated admissions scheme is in operation for other areas of England.

You may also apply direct to us, including families moving to the Borough from abroad, if you can provide evidence of a move to the Borough (e.g. exchange of contracts or signed rental agreement). Families of service personnel or other Crown servants may also apply direct to us if an assignment order can be provided. Refer to the relevant page for further information or to the School Admissions Team for help and advice.

Residents of other authorities

Residents of other authorities should check to see if their home local authority will co-ordinate in-year admissions.  If not please complete a Wokingham Borough Council application form. 

In-year guide

An in-year guide has been produced for in-year admissions in 2013 to 2014. It is recommended that you read it to understand how your application will be considered.


Fair Access Protocols

Fair Access Protocols for the admission of children in-year can be downloaded below:

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