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School admissions

Find a school in your catchment area

Use our  property search to find out in which schools are available in your catchment area. View our  schools database to see a list of all schools in the Wokingham Borough.

Applying for a school place

The School Admissions pages aim to help you through the application process for applying for a school place including the main admission rounds:

It also provides information for those applying in-year (outside the main admission rounds above):

To request an application pack see the relevant page, above, for information or complete our school application pack request form.

How to apply

Wokingham Borough residents must apply using the application forms provided by us. Residents of other local authorities must apply to their home authority for schools in the Wokingham Borough. 

You may apply direct to us, including families moving to the Borough from abroad, if you can provide evidence of a move to the Borough (e.g. exchange of contracts or signed rental agreement). Families of service personnel or other Crown servants may apply direct to us if an assignment order can be provided. Refer to the relevant page for further information or to the School Admissions Team for help and advice.

Support and advice

Support and advice regarding selecting a school for a child with special educational needs is available from the Parent Partnership Service.

Annual Report to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator

Local authorities in England are required to report annually to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator by 30 June about such matters connected with relevant school admissions as may be required by the Code for School Admissions and also require that each local authority publishes a copy of its report locally:

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