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Roads and road maintenance scheduled by Wokingham Borough Council

Annual road maintenance campaign

Essential road maintenance

As part of the Annual Road Maintenance Campaign, we carry out essential maintenance work on the roads throughout the Borough that most require our attention.

These works are to keep our road network safe for all our road users.

Micro asphalt surface treatments

Since last summer have carried out essential resurfacing and surface dressing works as well as micro asphalt surface treatments on those road best suited to this type of treatment.

Micro asphalt surface treatments is a preventative maintenance treatment, used to seal the existing road surface, improve the texture and helps water evaporate. This type of surface treatment can prolong the life of a road by up to ten years. It is mostly used in residential areas with slower moving traffic

Please find below a list of roads within the Borough where the micro asphalt works have been completed as part of this years Annual Road Maintenance Campaign.

  • The Rise, Wokingham - Completed
  • Copse Drive Wokingham -  Completed
  • Valley Crescent, Wokingham, Completed
  • Clifton Road, Wokingham - Completed
  • Scots Drive, Wokingham - Completed
  • Redhatch Drive - Completed
  • Mark Road, Wokingham  - Completed
  • Cantley Crescent, Wokingham - Completed
  • Sewell Avenue, Wokingham  - Completed 

Roads we maintain

View the roads we maintain (PDF document) to see the full list of roads. 

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