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Tell us about unauthorised development

Tell us about unauthorised development

Planning enforcement

Planning enforcement deal with:

  • Development that has taken place without planning permission - including building works or the change of use of land or buildings
  • Non-compliance with conditions attached to an approved application
  • Unauthorised works to listed buildings
  • Unauthorised advertisements
  • Unauthorised work to protected trees or trees in conservation areas

Local Planning Enforcement Plan

To help shape how enforcement will be carried out we are developing a Local Planning Enforcement Plan. You can:

Report a breach of planning control

  • Use the form below to tell us about a breach of planning control
  • Alleged breaches are allocated high, medium or low priority
  • We acknowledge enquiries within 3 working days and try to update you within 28 days of acknowledgement
  • Investigations can take a long time due to the legal requirements of enforcement
  • Your identity is kept confidential and will not be disclosed by us - unless you are required to give evidence at a public inquiry
  • If an enforcement notice is issued and not complied with we can take further action to secure compliance

Indicates mandatory fields

Report a breach of planning control
  • Tell us if your report is about a structure or activity on site and how it affects you
  • If structure, tell us approximate dimensions and location within site
  • If activity, outline nature of activity, any vehicle movement associated with activity and how long activity has been happening

Note: Under Local Government Act 1972 all of the information provided is confidential and your identity is not disclosed. However it will usually be necessary to inform the owner or occupier of the land or building that a complaint has been made.

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