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Major development advice

Major development advice

What is a major development?

A major development is 10 plus dwellings and 1000m2 of floor space. This applies for commercial and business proposals.   

Submitting a planning application

An application for a major development requires:

  • 6 copies of the plans (signed and dated) 
  • Fully completed application forms (part 1 and 2)
  • The required fee

What should be included with your application

All major applications require: 

  • Full tree survey to British Standard - currently BS 5387
  • Design Statement
  • Site survey / analysis
  • Planning Statement explaining how the proposal fits with our Local Development Framework and any other policies / material considerations 
  • Accessibility assessment
  • Copy of the documents required - see planning application checklist for more details

We can't accept hand drawings. All elevations to be shown on scaled plans. The block plan should accurately show the relationship of the proposal to immediately surrounding buildings.

If the site is located within the Green Belt or countryside detailed volume calculations of any existing and proposed buildings are also needed.

If you're submitting a planning application to build or convert a house or flat within south of the M4 visit Thames Basin Heaths Special Protection Area information.

If the proposal is subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment copies should be provided for the necessary consultations with various agencies. Find out more by visiting Environmental Impact Assessment advice on Communities website. Contact the Case Officer to establish how many are required.   

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