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Parking permit terms and conditions

Parking permit terms and conditions

Conditions of use of Residents (On-Street) Parking Permit

Permits are issued as 'virtual' permits. You will not receive a paper copy. So you must ensure that the vehicle parked in the residents parking area is active on your account by ticking the relevant box if you have more than one vehicle on your permit.

A permit will be issued according to the zone you live in. Not all properties are eligible for a permit. Please check your property's eligibility. The issue of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space.

Any permit allocation will be reduced if you have any off-street parking e.g. hard-standing, driveway or garage. If a property has been converted reducing the number of available parking spaces (e.g. using the garage for a study / playroom), then you will not be entitled to apply for a permit to replace the lost space.

Permits must be valid at all times

The permit must be valid for the vehicle at all times when the vehicle is parked in a parking zone during the permitted hours to avoid the issue of a parking fine.    

The Council cannot allocate parking bays to individual permit holders and the granting of a permit does not guarantee that a space will be available.   

Permits are non-transferable

The permits are not transferable and can only be used by the vehicle shown on the permit and in the zone that is printed on your permit. Permit parking is only allowed within the designated resident or shared use bays, please ensure you check the signage when parking your vehicle.

You cannot park trailers or caravans, whether they are linked up to a vehicle using a permit, or standing alone.
All motorcycles must display have valid permit when parked in a parking zone within the specified hours of restriction. If you need to use a courtesy car or hire vehicle because your own is off the road temporarily, it is necessary to obtain a temporary permit. 

Renew your permit before it expires

It is the responsibility of the permit holder to ensure the renewal of their permit (if required) prior to its expiry. Renewal emails will be sent to remind you. The Council reserves the right to vary the conditions and fees charged.

Failure to comply with the conditions of use may result in the Council withdrawing your Parking Permit.

Terms and conditions for school permit applications - parking sessions

  • Only valid applications accompanied by the school application form and stamped approved by the respective school will be accepted
  • You will need to apply for a school permit before you can use the parking booking system
  • Only one drop off time and one pick up time may be used for each session booked
  • Maximum number of vehicles is 3 per application one vehicle active at any one time
  •  You must ensure the vehicle used for booking a session is active on the permit
  • Penalty notices issued for none active vehicles will not be waived and the Council reserves the right to cancel or withdraw a permit for non-compliance
  • Vehicles are allowed to park in a booked parking session 5 minutes before the start of session and 15 minutes after the parking session ends

Number of permits allowed

Use the search below as a guide to number of residents parking permits available for different streets. Unfortunately some properties in these streets may not be eligible for permits or there may be restrictions on the number of permits that can be issued per property: 


For help call 0333 2341 777.

Please note that all appeals have to be made in writing and can't be dealt with over the phone or in person.

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