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Support for pre school children

Support for pre school children

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Who to talk to

Every nursery and pre school has Special Educational Needs Coordinator, known as a SENCO. They make sure children with special educational needs get the support they need.

If a parent or a member of staff thinks a child might need extra support, the SENCO discusses this with the parent to agree what support is required.

This could be:

  • Different methods of teaching
  • Extra help from another staff member
  • Use of particular equipment

The SENCo will:

  • Coordinate the help children need day to day
  • Discuss individual targets with the parents
  • Offer advice to key workers

These targets then become an Early Years Intervention Plan (EYIP).

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

The Special Educational Needs Coordinator may suggest getting help and advice from another professional.

This could be from:

  • A GP
  • A  Health Visitor
  • A Paediatrician
  • A  Speech and Language Therapist (SALT)
  • An Occupational Therapist (OT)
  • Family workers
  • The  Child, Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)
  • The  Wokingham Early Years and Childcare Team

Early Years Inclusion Advisor (EYIA)

The SENCo might also request support from the Early Years Inclusion Advisor (EYIA). They provide extra advice and support to pre schools and nurseries. 

The will visit the pre school or nursery, and observe the child and the support they are currently getting. 

They'll talk with staff and parents to make recommendations for more help and support.

Education, Health and Care Needs Assessment

If a child needs more support than is in the Individual Education Plan, then the parents, pre school or nursery can ask us to carry out an Education Health and Care (EHC) needs assessment.

Find out more

Find out more by reading:

The Early Years Inclusion Teachers visit your home and work with you and your family. This is referred to as a portage service. 

Your child needs to be referred to the service through a healthcare professional or the  Early Years Inclusion Advisor.

Dingley Early Years Centres

Dingley provides a support service to under 5’s with additional needs & disabilities and their families. 

Visit the Dingley website to find out more.

Support from the NHS

The Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust provides services to children under 5. This includes:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and Language Therapy
  • Support with diet and nutrition for children who aren't able to eat enough nutrients orally and might require help by feeding through a tube

Visit the health advice for children with additional needs page link find out more.

Find support in our directory

Search our children with additional needs directory to find more services.

Independent advice for parents

You can get independent advice from the:

To find out about your options, find nurseries and how to apply, visit the starting nursery or pre school web page.

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